12 hours of daytime care to help you learn about your newborn and recover. Usually used within the first month at home.


4 hour minimum. No overnights.


4 visits, 4 hours in length. We work together to find the frequency and time blocks that fit your family.

Variable scheduling between 9am-9pm.


3 nights of supportive care.

A doula will support your feeding preferences. Your baby(s) can be brought to you for breast/chest feedings in the night to support bonding and milk supply. We can use a bottle if it's been introduced.

6-8 hours between 9pm-6am. Please note: it is common for the doula take a nap during periods of newborns sleep. She will not let your baby cry it out.

$ Varies

Package options don't fit everyone's needs. We can add hours to an existing contract or work in 4-8 hour shifts to help support your family.


4 hour minimum required.